Millions of families across the country struggle with the effects of addiction and substance abuse. Addiction can wreak havoc on families in the area of interpersonal relationship, finances and can perpetuate domestic violence and abuse. Families may try many things to help a loved one get treatment but do so alone. A family drug intervention specialist can provide families with a plan and help stage interventions which have a high success rate. Learn more about family intervention specialists and how to get connected.


Locating Support

Services for drug intervention are best sought after locally. Starting closer to home can increase opportunities to connect with people who understand the family’s unique situation and provide support that is easy to access. Consider the following resources in locating drug intervention services:

  • Addiction treatment facilities and organizations offer family drug intervention services. Call or inquire to ask about those services.
  • Referrals from local psychologists, social workers, doctors or psychiatrists can help point families in the right direction.
  • The Association of Intervention Specialists (AIS) is a great resource for a person who needs to locate a family drug intervention service. A wide reaching network exists comprised of intervention specialists throughout the country. Members of AIS must be licensed mental health professionals with a lot of experience working with families staging interventions. The list of AIS members is broken down by state to making searching easier.



A person who seeks out professional support has a high likelihood of success in recovery. It is important to make the best choice for one’s family when selecting intervention services. The following tips can help families better understand what to look for when discerning which services are the best for one’s individual needs.


  • Select an interventionist who is licensed or a certified mental health professional
  • Consider selecting an interventionist registered with the AIS (mentioned above)
  • Meet with more than one intervention specialist to interview the person and make sure the fit is right. Each interventionist has a unique style which makes it important to select one whose style is most compatible with the family’s unique situation and goals
  • The most expensive intervention specialists are not always the best. The cheapest ones are also not always the worst, therefore select carefully with cost as a less prohibitive factor in the decision
  • Select an interventionist with a wide range of experience dealing with addictions and interventions.


An individual with years of experience who is qualified and experienced to support a family during a challenging time should also be able to educate and inform the family about addiction and intervention. A calm, successful intervention is more likely when everyone is on the same page and understands what will happen. Trust is key when selecting a specialist who is right for a family’s unique situation.


If you are struggling to help a loved one with addiction, Treatment Now can support you on the journey. Call us for information on how we can connect you with the right resources to help you and your loved one be successful in recovery. 844-438-8689