Society turns to alcohol when people want to let their hair down. Why? Because it works. Unfortunately, that happy relaxed feeling can also guide the drinker down some less healthy pathways because, let’s face it—people do stupid things when they are drunk.

With the consumption of alcohol, dopamine gets released into the body. The more a person drinks, the more dopamine is generated. Under normal conditions, a small amount of dopamine in the system is good, it encourages good feelings and wanting to do things like eat healthy and exercise.

When your brain gets too much of the good stuff, it can’t tell what’s good or bad anymore. Just a few drinks in, and most people’s characters become unrecognizable. And here is where it gets dangerous.


Common Actions of Inebriated Individuals

  • Risky sexual behavior (including unprotected sex which can lead to STIs or pregnancy)
  • Committing pointless crimes
  • Getting into fights or other types of violent behavior
  • Making inappropriate comments to friends, family, and/or co-workers
  • Experimenting with other drugs and substances (which can lead to poisoning, overdose, or death)
  • Driving under the influence (per MADD, nearly thirty people a day lose their lives to drunk drivers)

If you’ve ever experienced these things while drinking, then you may be using alcohol to self-medicate and should consider seeking help or treatment. Alcohol is quite an addictive drug, not just for the mental escape it provides but physically as well. A person who drinks in excess regularly but then tries to stop will find themselves going through physical withdrawals similar to what heroin addicts face: the shakes, cold sweats, muscle aches, restlessness, and mood swings. Sometimes even life threatening seizures.

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