“The months leading up to my admission were very dark days for me. I had become a person that I knew in my heart I was not, yet I felt I had no other options because the only thing I cared about was getting my next fix. I put drugs above everything… my family, friends, and life itself. I would go to bed every night hoping that I would just be able to stay asleep forever and then I would wake up with my first thought worrying about how I was going to be able to get high that day.” ~Ben W.

Why I Chose Treatment and Recovery

Being crippled under the weight of addiction and/or dependence is daunting in of itself. Your mind is plagued with feelings of inadequacy, shame, and guilt, yet you’re still desperate for that next hit. After all, the high takes the pain away. It quiets the voices.

At least until the outward voices start from your friends. From your teachers, or coworkers and bosses. From your partner, if you’re in an intimate relationship. From your kids.

All they want is for you to get better. They want you to be healthy, and happy.

Testimonials from addicts who have chosen sobriety over dependence:

“I was at a point in my life, of having run out of options. I had attended A.A. meetings and had tried all the options of not drinking or only drinking in certain situations, or promising this or that to myself and to my family friends and coworkers. Well, needless to say, my way didn’t work and the thought of ME needing help was, well, crazy in my mind. I didn’t want to see the truth or listen to anyone, I mean, hell I’m superman! I can’t be an alcoholic! I’m not stealing money, beating my wife or my child or in trouble with the law. How could this be? What I didn’t see was that I was stealing time and comfort from my family, friends and coworkers, because I couldn’t see through the fog of my own alcoholism.” ~Tim A.


“During my stay I learned a lot about the 12 steps, patience, and acceptance. It was nice to have a loving group of guys that were willing to hold each other accountable. Although I felt uncomfortable at times, I learned that these were the best opportunities for growth. It felt like I had taken a time out from life and joined a new family where I could focus on myself and seek genuine support from people who cared about my well-being. … I’m amazed with the level of peace I have in my life today and I’m truly grateful to be alive. ” ~Zach W.


Help is out there and the folks here at Treatment Now are standing by for your call. But here’s the kicker, until YOU decide to choose treatment and recovery, no amount of begging or pleading from anybody in your life is going to get you there.


YOU are the first step on your road to sobriety.

Treatment Now can help get you there.

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