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Letting go of all inhibitions and stepping directly into a treatment facility is a huge decision and can be overwhelming. We want you to enter your treatment informed and confident, so call us to get your journey started. The first step is calling and getting all of the information you need. The next is giving […]


Mental Health Diagnosis In addition to finding the path toward wellness, after a diagnosis of alcohol and drug dependency, there’s often comorbid occurrence of other mental illness as well. Mental illness is prevalent in 30% of the patients exhibiting substance abuse and dependency. Other statistics: Within the population 36.6% of individuals exhibiting alcohol abuse were […]

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Choosing the Best Treatment Option Now that you have done your research and have found that there is help for you or your loved one(s), the next step is to decide on treatment options. Our team of dedicated medical professionals will go through all the options with you once the initial consultation has begun. Going […]

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No matter what the addiction, Treatment Now is specific to every individual’s needs and is never compromised. You have the full attention of our staff and have full access to all treatment options. After a consultation and session with our physicians, you will be given a carefully planned method for your own personal rehabilitation. Our […]