No matter what the addiction, Treatment Now is specific to every individual’s needs and is never compromised. You have the full attention of our staff and have full access to all treatment options. After a consultation and session with our physicians, you will be given a carefully planned method for your own personal rehabilitation. Our team of experts is here for you every step of the way and is supplemented with everything from detox and counseling, to group activities, medication and psychiatric care.

A thorough evaluation is made after the initial detox stage, if necessary. After the detox process, a therapy session will be given where a full diagnosis on your current condition is assessed. Throughout the diagnosis stage, counseling is given and any treatment options based on those diagnosis and counseling sessions will be offered. During this period any questions or concerns you may have can be asked at this time. We tailor every method for your own personal success within our rehabilitation programs and we make sure that you are comfortable. We will make sure you well aware of all options. We make the journey of your recovery as smooth as possible to ensure a healthy and better life for you and your family.